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    Founded in 1956, the Orphan School of Jilin Province is a specialized social welfare institution to adopt and educate orphans of all ethnic groups in urban and rural areas of Jilin Province. It is a teaching institution that integrates compulsory education, senior high school education and vocational education. It is the largest public special education base in Asia as well as in China. The school is located in the Changchun Jingyue National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It covers an area of 202000 square meters. It has 202 staff members and around one thousand orphan students, about 90 of whom are admitted to the city's key senior high schools and various colleges and universities in China.
  For 57 years, our school has adhered to the people-centered philosophy of modern education and based itself on China's national conditions to merge “school” and “family”, simultaneously shouldering the obligations of family education, school education and social education functions. It has created an orphan raising and teaching mode unique with Chinese features. Especially since the "Eleventh Five-Year", our school has been adhering to the educational philosophy of “combining upbringing and education, and focusing on both general education and vocational education”. It takes "Mother's career and growth cradle” as its motto," It has followed the direction of “laying the foundation to vitalize vocational education and broaden employment channels, shaping quality and cultivating talents to create increasingly more special education brilliances” to open up new roads of special education to bring up and educate orphans into adults, talents and successes. Since its founding, our school has trained nearly 5,000 orphans for society. They are contributing their intelligence and sweat in all walks of life to our social and national development. Some of them have become well-known experts, prominent academics, and role models of the Party and the government.
  57 years’ historical accumulations, orphans’ brilliant smiles, tears of success, happy faces, all this has overall announced the fundamental purpose of the Chinese Communist Party in power for the people, witnessed the incomparable superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and highlighted the rapid development of China’s child welfare development. The Orphan School of Jilin Province serves as a boutique window of spiritual civilization of Jilin Province, and it is a banner of the national orphan teaching career development. It has won the following honorary titles and awards:
   National Civilized Unit, Advanced Collective in the National Civil Administration System, Advanced Collective among the National Civil Grassroots Units in Professional Ethics Building, Advanced Unit in the National Special Education, National Contribution Award for Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Women and Children, Jilin Province Outstanding Juvenile Right Safeguarding Post, Provincial Outstanding Volunteer Service Organization, May 1st Labor Certificate and Advanced Grassroots Party Organization of the Provincial Institutions, etc.
  Today, the school staff is continuing its efforts to make unremitting efforts to safeguard the orphans’ human rights, advance human progress, and build a harmonious society.

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