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  In recent years, the school has increased its pace of reform and development to make efforts to improve the management service. It was the first among the institutions of the Jilin Province to practice the position employment and performance-based salary system, which has actually stimulated the work enthusiasm of the faculty and staff. It is gradually moving from “people governing people” to “system governing people”. Since 2006, the school has openly recruited or transferred 64 teachers from society, which has laid a foundation to optimize the team structure and achieve the teachers’ professional develop
  In 2010, the school carried out a drastic logistics management system reform and gradually socialized catering, cleaning and security work. It went from a single diet to nutrition diet and further to buffet, and the rich dishes with staple foods are more in line with the development of students’ individualistic needs so that orphans’ life quality was substantially improved. On campus, security workers are protecting students’ safety. In dormitories, cleaning workers are polishing doors and windows for the children. With the socialized logistics service, the orphans’ happiness index has been rising step by step.

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