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   In recent years, the school has further defined its schooling objectives of “laying a solid foundation for fundamental education, paying close attention to senior secondary school education, and developing vocational education”. Starting from initiating senior secondary school education and obtaining accreditation for secondary vocational school education, it has now become the only teaching entity that integrates educations of primary school, junior secondary school, senior secondary school and vocational education in Jilin Province. The school has been transformed from “majoring in upbringing in combination with education” to “majoring in education by emphasizing both upbringing and education”. It has evolved from exploring small-class teaching reform, undertaking national research programs and publishing school-based textbooks to establishing China’s first orphan education theory research unit. It has improved its education and teaching quality in consecutive years with implementation of multiple measures.
Agreement signingceremony of our school and the Changchun Machinery Industrial School for joint schooling
Ceremony of proposal defense for a sub-research program of the Jilin Province Orphan School under the research program of the national “11th Five-year Plan”
Principal Wanyu is attending an annual meeting of national Chinese class in the 11th Five-year Plan
Our school’s teachers are discussing a research program

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