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 The development of the school and the growth of the orphans have drawn sufficient attention from the Party and the government organization at all levels. Since the school was founded, more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial leaders have visited it. The Jilin Province Committee of the CPC, the Jilin Province government and relevant departments have given the school vigorous support in policy and capital. The leaders of the Jilin Province Department of Civil Affairs often come to the school to offer guidance to work. With the care from the leadership at all levels, the orphan school has taken solid steps from small ones to big ones, from weak ones to strong ones. The orphan children are growing healthily in the bright sunshine.
Sun Zhengcai, secretary of the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC (1st from right) and Governor Wang Rulin of Jilin Province (middle) are visiting teachers and students at school
Sun Zhengcai,secretary of the jilin Province Committee of the CPC(left) is taking a handcratf lesson with orphan students
Governor Wang Rulin of jilin Province (2nd from right) is walking into a student dormitory to learn about children's living conditions

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