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  According to incomplete statistics, since the school was founded, near 2000 enterprises and institutions at all levels, charitable organizations, etc. and about 100000 caring people from all walks of life, international friends and other people have come to the school to dedicate their love and donate capital to help the orphans. These charitable and honorary deeds have provided guarantees to improve schooling conditions and orphans’ living standards. The love actions heat up cold hearts of orphans and provide navigation for the children to regain self-confidence and send their dreams flying
World Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan is visiting orphans at school
Leaders of the Jilin Branch of China Development Bank are visiting orphans at school
Hu Yuzhou (middle), chairperson of the board of directors of the Changchun Charters Times Department Store Co., Ltd., is ttending the foundation-laying ceremony of the new campus of the Jilin Province Orphan School
World champion Wang Hao (left) is concerned over orphans’ growth
Volunteers from all walks of life to help orphans are taking a solemn oath
Deputies to the Changchun Kuancheng District People’s Congress are inspecting the
Leaders of the Jilin Province Department of Finance are visiting orphans at school
Chairperson Wang Jinshi of the board of directors of the Hong Kong Boda Oriental Group is donating affectionate money to orphans

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