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   With 55-year journeys of ups and downs, 55-year hard explorations, constant advancement with keen determination, and constant development and changes, the school has scored innumerable great achievements. Since 2006, in particular, with the correct leadership of the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC, the Jilin Province Government and the Jilin Province Department of Civil Affairs, with the concerted efforts of the school faculty and staff, the school has been awarded the titles of “National Advanced School of Special Education” and the “Civilized Entity of Jilin Province”; it has been rated by the Work Committee of the Institutions directly under the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC as “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”; it was awarded the “May Day Work Certificate of Merit” by the Trade Union Committee of the Institutions directly under the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC. Now the school has been nominated to the election of the “National Civilized Entity”.
“It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men.” For 55 years, the school has brought up more than 5000 orphan students and trained them into talents. Since 2006, in particular, triumphant news keeps pouring in at the university entrance exams and the senior secondary school entrance exams. It has broken through the “zero” records in the enrolments of undergraduate universities, key undergraduate universities and artistic academies. As much as 100% of its students go to college.
Admission notices of some students admitted to universities and colleges in 2011

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