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  On October 24, 2009, the school finished its third relocation since its founding. This day will go down in the school’s history for us to remember: clear water, blue sky, bright sun, smiling faces, and everything. There are no longer low, dark and old classrooms or dusty playgrounds. Here, there are wide lawns, pleasant birds and our limitless fantasies. The new environment, new life, smiling faces, calling sounds – our dear Party, our dear motherland, our home, they are no longer far away. The campus is full of happiness!
Journey to the new campus
The school’s leading team is leading the school teachers and students in moving into the new homeland
Teachers and students are carrying goods together
A teacher is tidying orphan students’ beds
Comprehensive office building
Stadium and man-made lake
Panorama of students’ learning and living zones
Thematic sculpture

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