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  Over the past 55 years, various large mainstream media at the national and the provincial levels have paid a lot of attention to the school. One report after another, one picture after another and one broadcast after another have recorded the advancement paces of the Orphan School and demonstrated orphans’ beautiful life. According to incomplete statistics, in the recent five years, CCTV, Jilin TV, “Human Rights” Magazine, Jilin Daily, Sina Website, Sohu Website, etc., totaling more than 40 news media have covered our school for as many as over 200 times.
  While intensifying publicity by means of the media, the school has constantly intensified campus culture building, setting up a portal website to the outside, publishing bulletins, creating a campus website, publishing the League Journal of “Colorful Sunlight”, etc. to report the dynamic school and showcase the elegant demeanor of the teachers and students in a convenient, expedite, prompt and accurate manner.

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