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  When children are reading aloud in their bright classrooms, laughing cheerfully in their dormitories, and playing to their heart’s content on the green playgrounds, when the modern performing arts center is shining with colorful lights, we cannot help becoming emotional and passionate!
  The Taonan wind is still warm. The Wanchang water is still sweet. The old Datun Campus is still visible to us. With 55 years of growth and 55 years of accumulation, we learn from history, and we are flying with the times!
  The care from the Party and the government leaders, the affectionate funds from all walks of life, the selfless dedication of the faculty, and the orphan students’ hard endeavor all present pictures and heart beats. We are thankful. We march in love!
  The school’s level is constantly rising. Our education and teaching reforms are constantly deepening. The orphans’ happiness index is ceaselessly rising. Every bulletin of glad tidings and every smiling face records our moment of glory.
  The “11th Five-year Plan” has borne countless fruits. The “12th Five-year Plan” has sounded the clarion call forward. The spirit of the lineage of special education and the more and more vigorous development paces all embody the unchanged commitment to our oath.
  57 years through thick and thin are coupled with fragrant peaches and beautiful plums. 55 years’ creation and transcendence have cast a glorious monument. Here, we express our heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels and the people from all walks of life for their concern and care about the growth of orphans! We pay tribute to all the teaching faculty and staff who have dedicated their life to the orphan upbringing and education! We are convinced that, with the vigorous and correct leadership of the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC and the Jilin Province People’s Government and the Jilin Province Department of Civil Affairs, with the care and support of all the social groups and individuals, with the joint efforts by our school’s teaching faculty and staff, Jilin Province Orphan School will surely forge ahead and set sail! Our orphan students will surely grow with plump wings and fly free!

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